Khushi Ek Roag – Episodes 1-5

I started this drama serial because the promos got me interested in the story. I knew from the very beginning that this play will be very sad and depressing but I still wanted to give it a try. It IS very sad but I must say it is an amazing serial! There are many harsh realities of life in it. Also, it gives out a very important message that a lot of people tend to forget; Everything that happen’s is Allah’s will and that whatever He does is for the best and has a reason. The serial brilliantly portrays the different kind of problems many people face when it comes to children and the problems that force people to do what they would never want to do because of people around them, the culture, living conditions and society. This is what I’ve noticed in the story so far.

The serial is produced by the A&B Productions and directed by Mohsin Mirza. It airs on ARY Digital every Monday at 8:30pm The writer is Seema Munaf. mehwish hayat dramas The cast includes Shahood Alvi as Shabbir, Neheed Shabbir as Shabbir’s wife, Farhan Ali Agha as Adnan and others. The cast also includes Sami Khan and Yumna Zaidi who will enter the story later.

The story is about 3 couples who are struggling in their own ways.Shabbir and his wife really want a child but it’s been years and there has not been even one. Shabbir’s brother (Agha Shiraz) offers him his own (having greedy intentions) but things don’t turn out that way. Shabbir’s wife(Naheed Shabbir) even insists on adopting a child but Shabbir’s father would never agree. That’s when Ramzan offers Shabbir(Shahood Alvi) his child because he can’t afford to raise the child and already has 5 daughters he can’t raise properly because he never has enough money to even feed them properly. After thinking hard, Shabbir agrees to adopt the child and giving Ramzan money and a little business so he can raise the rest of his family properly. Another story is about Adnan (Farhan Ali Agha) and his wife who have lost every single one of their children due to miscarriage. They both love each other very much but Adnan’s mother warns him that if they lose this child as well, she’ll get Adnan re-married. And it happens again. Now, Adnan has made a plan to adopt a new-born child without letting his mother know. For that reason, the couple is moving so Adnan’s mother doesn’t find out.

The story is slow but it shows so much reality. I love how Shabbir and Adnan have so much faith in God and they don’t let their faith weaken because of the circumstances they are in. They both support their wives without blaming them for anything which is not what men usually do. I am glad they are very understanding.

I felt so sad for Ramzan and his family the whole time. It was so sad. Here, we have everything. We never sleep with an empty stomach, we have the clothes, the shoes we like and we have so much more than others without asking for anything. And there we see others who don’t have much at all. I feel guilty! And I felt especially sad when Ramzan saw that he can’t feed his daughters enough to fill up their bellies and felt so bad about himself and how he is so vulnerable. That seriously tore my heart to pieces. I really hope rich people help the poor enough so that they can at least eat two times a day.

The serial also shows how people these days care more about money when their relationships are more important. Shabbir’s brother decided to give his child away just because he wanted money and is always taking advantage of his brother because Shabbir is super-nice.

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