How to gain weight for perfect look

You might think how to gain weight? Because doctor advised you to add on pounds. It’s difficult than you think of it especially if you have to do it in a healthy way. When do you ask how to gain weight? Everyone tells you to add junk foods to gain weight for yourself but the fact is your body needs nutrients to gain some healthy weight. You can achieve your goal with patience and intelligence. Don’t expect fast results because it may take time. It will be difficult for you at first and try to tolerate that excessive amount of food to gain weight.

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Skinny teenager guys, hard gainers, and underweight guys are all searching about how to gain weight and muscles. Do you also want it? Then you are at the right place.

How to gain weight:

  • Eat more than you consume.
  • Increase dietary fats and carbs.
  • Eat a lot of calorie-dense food.
  • Lift heavy weight.
  • Take protein shakes.
  • Eat nutrient dense food.

You can also know these rules to gain weight fast but you are tired of eating anymore. You hate to be uncomfortable. You don’t like to eat pizza and burgers to gain muscles.

Weight Gain: The Real Story:

Simple trick is to eat more calories than you burn but that weight will be only fats because exercise and healthy eating are also subjects of matter. You have to do the right type of exercise and right eating habits in order to gain healthy weight. Try to add 500 more calories to your routine if it does not work then increase to 700 or 1100 extra calories per day. ? Try to have snacks with peanut butter with bread, sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, protein shakes, and milkshakes. Trail mix, bagels.

Be Calorie Smart:


Try to eat calorie-rich and nutrient-dense food along with fats, oils, seeds and nuts. Also try full-fat dairy, whole eggs, red meat, Avocado, and oily fish to get a lot of calories without feeling bloated. Add the rich amount of protein to increase your muscle mass. Go get a lot of carbs to increase your weight like rice, bread, pasta, noodles, macaroni etc. Also, don’t forget the power of veggies and fruits.

Have Fun with Fat:

Fat contains double calories than carbs and protein along with lowest thermos effects. Cook up your food in oils and try to dip your bread also in healthy oils. Add coconut oil in your protein shake to drink.

Extra food Make Extra weight:

Never go for no-flavor, no-butter, no-salt because these are for bulky people you have to add creamy dressings, sauces, gravy and all another seasoning to gain weight because they add extra calories by giving you taste and you will automatically eat more. You have to eat after every 2-3 hours if you are looking for how to gain weight

Lifting To Build:

Lift heavy weights to gain muscle weight fast. If you are taking excessive calories and having trained at the gym you will notice some muscle mass. Train hard but give rest to your body. Think like a powerlifter but keep your heart rate lower. Try bench press, deadlift, squat, and shoulder press.

Get Some Sleep:

Your muscles not only grow in the gym, in fact, they grow when you are sleeping. So sleep is the most important trick if you are looking to gain weight. It also decreases the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone, which make it hard to lose or gain weight. Spend more hours on your bed.

 Be Patient:

Gaining muscle mass is a slow process and it takes a lot of time and consistency. Hold on and be patient just don’t quit by thinking it’s hard or you cannot do it.



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